Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Melana's Adventres

Life has been keeping us busy and I'm so frustrated with myself for not updating here more. I'm so sorry, especially to my Texas family who like to see pics of Melana. Well, here she is.

LOVES tubby time!!

She has been a busy girl lately. She rolls EVERYWHERE!!! She rolls across the living room, she rolls to where the dogs are and she rolls around in her crib. A couple weeks ago Darian set her on the floor with her toys and was doing some work on the computer, after a few minutes he looked down and saw Melana had rolled over to Junie and was sucking her paw! Junie just lay there like nothing was happening. When Darian told me about it he laughed and said, "Just don't tell your mom!" haha

Roly Poly Girl

Until this week she really hasn't even tried to crawl at all, but the last few days she gets up on her hands and knees and actually stays up for more than two seconds and gets her booty in the air. She is scooting more than crawling and always backwards so far, but I'm sure it won't be long. She is so cute and fun to watch.

She has also been busy sprouting her two bottom teeth in the last two weeks. She has been a little more on the chewy side, but other than that and a runny nose, she has been just fine. And adorable of course.

Chewing the strap of her cart cover on a shopping trip at Babies R Us.

She is doing well with her baby food and has even started using her sippy cup, well more for a chew toy, but still, it's progress. :) I tried to feed her a mashed banana but she just looked at it and touched it. Didn't even try to eat it. I don't get it. Everything else in the house she tries to put in her mouth, but not a banana?

Givin' Momma some lovin'

She is just tickled when watching the dogs. If they are fighting, she just laughs and sqawks and if they are near her she does whatever she can to touch them and then giggles. Spanky is kind of skittish around her, I think because of his age and his bad hips, but she seems to sense that and just looks at him and smiles. However, when Junie is around she gets grabby and giggly.

"Hey Junie, your paws look delish"

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