Saturday, October 2, 2010

We have a rolling baby, people!!

That's right, she's a roller!! On Thursday night during her tummy time, Melana decided it was time to roll for the first time. I was videotaping just in case and was lucky enough to catch her.

Unfortunately, Darian was outside and did not see it, but the neighbors probably all heard about it when I ran out to find him, screaming in excitement. :)
The teething continues and we have found a new friend in teething tablets. They dissolve under the tongue and seem to soothe her gnawing pretty quick. Her poor fingers are almost pruny from the saliva bath they've been soaking in inside her mouth. Yesterday I found heard her fussing while she was laying down to nap and found her in a struggle with her hands. She was trying to get her left hand thumb in her mouth to suck on at the same time her right hand was trying to get it's fingers in so she could chew on them. Each hand kept swatting the other away as they each tried to take a turn. She kept going back and forth and was getting so frustrated. I know I'm terrible for laughing at her frustration, but it was extremely comical.
Other firsts of this week: Last night she attended her first bonfire and today she went with my mom and I on her first trip to me and grandma's favorite store. Hobby Lobby! I'm sure she will be as frequent a customer as we are. :) She got to visit a little with Grandma and Grandpa I. today. During their visit they said how she has changed even from last weekend. I don't really notice other than her little legs seem to be getting chubbier and of course the extra chin she seems to have added.
Here she is with the hat grandma bought her at Hobby Lobby. Such a darling!
this one is for Auntie Rachael :)

Her feedings have become a little more regular now, so I'm hoping we're on a schedule again. Now she is eating every four hours instead of three and she is taking less frequent but longer naps during the day. Right now she is in the swing, since she didn't seem to want to go to sleep tonight, and we are listening to We love their lullaby selection and it seems to have done the trick as eyes are now closed and she is looking oh so peaceful.
She is just so stinkin' cute and oh-so-sweet. We praise God for her everyday and wonder what we did to be so blessed with such a sweetie. She is truly a blessing to us!!

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  1. I love the hand story, the fact that she visited Hobby Lobby, that she got a cute new hat, that she spent time with Gma, and that you are SOOOOOOO thankful for her and excited about her every accomplishment!