Sunday, September 26, 2010

Melana is Three Months Old!!

Oh what a week this has been!!
For starters we still have not found a permanent baby sitter for Melana which leaves me still frustrated and teetering on the brink insanity. Argh!! Secondly, Melana turned three months old and has started teething. Good times in the Miller household....
On the 24th, Melana turned three months! It seems like time has flown by. I can't believe my baby is growing so fast. She gets bigger every day it seems and her long little body is filling out and her little face is getting rounder with chubbier cheeks. She is so stinkin' cute! :) She is going to roll over any day now. Every day I put her on her tummy for tummy play time and she rolls over about 3/4 of the way. I stopped putting her on her tummy during the day 'cause I was afraid she would roll over and Darian would miss it. So now, when he comes home, we put her on her tummy and watch, video camera on. If she could just get that one leg over.....

She had a busy weekend too. On Friday night we drove to my parents' house and stayed so Darian could get up early to go work for his dad again. She spent all day Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa while I caught up on some much needed sleep. (sleep is always much needed to a night shift worker). She gets so tickled when people talk to her, especially granny and grandpa, who enjoy it as much or more than she does. She laughed so much and was really cooing and talking up a storm. We couldn't believe how much she was trying to talk to us! She also had fun jumping up and down on Grandma's lap. Granny thinks she is ready for her Johnny Jump up. I'm not sure she is old enough, but we are planning to get her an exersaucer this week and we'll see how she does with that. On Saturday night we bundled her up and took her the fair again. She was so cute in her hat and in all her blankets.

She hadn't napped well throughout the day and once in the stroller she slept for nearly four hours straight. I was worried that she wouldn't sleep last night because she had slept so long and hadn't been eating much yesterday but the little doll still slept all night. She woke us up this morning with two sneezes followed by a loud burst of gas and a giggle. She cracks us up. While at the fair, we ran into Darian's cousin Abby and her family. I was telling Abby how Melana's feedings and naps had been off for the last couple days and how she was really sucking on her fingers and how my mom thought maybe she was teething. Just then Melana started crying and Abby looked down and pointed out two little buds inside Melana's mouth. Sure enough, there they were. Two little white bumps trying to push their way through the gums. My poor baby! Here she's been teething and I had no idea. No wonder she's been acting funny. At least she's still been in a good mood.... Well, that was until today. We drove home this morning from MI and headed to Darian's Aunt Martha's house in Hicksville, OH this afternoon for a visit. Darian's second cousin Nick, wife Jen and their boys Christian and Caleb joined us for pizza and a fun visit. Well, it was fun in between Melana's screaming fits followed by twenty minute naps followed by more screaming. Wow, that girl can scream! I felt so bad. It was the first time for them all to see her and here she was acting totally opposite of her usually sweet self. I've put teething rings in the fridge for tomorrow and broken out the Oragel. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

On a happier note, we are loving this fall weather! Open house windows, golden colors of the fields against the periwinkle sky and the crisp air. I don't know what it is about fall that makes me want to bake, but I'm planning a trip this week sometime to an orchard just north of here. I got a great Apple Cream Pie recipe from Darian's Aunt Martha tonight that I just cannot wait to try out. And of course, I have to make my favorite, Apple Crisp. I also want to get some applesauce made and canned and maybe some pear sauce as well. I'm looking forward to picking up some pumpkins for the front porch and maybe a few materials to make a new harvest wreath. Here's a pic of a pie I made earlier this week. It's a Chicken pot pie! It was awesome. Not as good as Apple Cream, but so good just the same. My secret? Why, Pillsbury Pie Crust of course!!

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