Friday, September 10, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We've been so busy with me being back to work and desperately searching for a sitter etc., that I haven't even had time to update the events of last few weeks. It may not be of interest to any of my readers, but I'm using this blog of sort of a journal of Melana's developement. I'm hoping I can print it later for her to read and keep.

She is actually 11 weeks now as of yesterday. She is getting so big! I swear she changes everyday. At ten weeks, she had found her hands. She was putting her fists in front of her face and just staring with wide eyes at them. I imagined her thinking "what are these? and where did they come from?" And you could see her trying to intentionally move them but she's not quite coordinated enough to flex her elbow and move her arm at the same time, at least not when she's trying to concentrate. It's funny. Her whole arm just waves around in the arm and then her eyes fly wide open and she gets startled all over again. She cracks us up. She is so much fun to just sit and watch. She has also been drooling a lot. I don't know why or what that means, but I'm just praying it doesn't mean teething already. Poor thing already has chapped cheeks from the drool. She is also "talking" more. She coos and make "ahh" and "aye" noises that I swear is her saying "hi". Darian thinks I'm crazy. :) She is still all smiles in the morning and when you talk to her, but now she has started actually laughing. Not every time she tries, often it's a silent mouth open wide laugh, but she is trying so hard. It makes us laugh every time and I think she likes the response she gets. :) Her smiles always start on one side of her face and then it's like that side of her face pulls the rest of her face and head with it and she turns to that side until the other side catches up and she just grins wide. I call it the "drunken sailor smile". Too cute.

She is almost completely in 3 month clothing now, mostly because her legs are sooo long. She is one tall girl. She doesn't want to snuggle as much either, but wants to look out at the world. Instead of snuggling on my shoulder now she likes to sit on my lap and look out and watch the dogs, out the window or at the TV. She's like her mama. :) She is addicted to her Baby Mozart DVD. We only play it maybe once a day, but she is glued to it the entire time and kicks her little legs in excitement. She even knows when she is at the end. She starts fussing right before the credits roll. We also enjoy reading time and we especially enjoy Dr. Suess' "Mr Brown Can Moo Can You?" and "Goodnight Moon".

She's so fun. Oh the changes and joy of a growing baby. We're loving every minute of it, but both agree it's going by way too fast!!!

She's SO beautiful!

In sitter news, we finally got some leads and were actually going to meet with a lady today that a fellow nurse recommended. She had used this lady for her kids and so had one of the docs that I work with. Unfortunately, I got called in at 3 am this morning and worked on call till 4 pm so we had to cancel. Hoping to reschedule for later this week. I still don't like the idea of leaving her with someone, but it's only two days a week while I sleep, so I guess it could be worse. Our niece, Emilee, was here for two days watching her last week and this week one of Darian's co-workers' wife watched her yesterday and my mother in law came down last night and stayed to watch her while I slept today. I'm so thankful for the help and so glad she got some good grandma time.

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  1. i love the pictures!! She looks especially studious reading her little book:) So glad she is yours...