Monday, September 20, 2010

Crabby Baby and Cotton Candy

As I write this, I'm sitting next to a sleeping baby in the swing who has been fighting sleep for about an hour. I don't know what her problem is, but the swing is the solution. We usually are able to just lay her down at night while she is still awake and she goes to sleep. Well, tonight she was having none of that. We tried rocking and pacing and even a pacifier, which she never takes, but she just kept fighting. After about the third time I tried to put her down and she started screaming, I decided to try the swing and Presto! it worked.
Her schedule has been really off these last couple of weeks and I don't know what is going on. She doesn't eat as much or as often as she used to then other times she does more. Her naps are sporadic, and she fights me sometimes while she is eating. She'll arch her back and scream almost like she's throwing a fit. I'm definitely seeing more of her personality. haha. So, what is going on? Not sure. So we keep trying to be flexible, but also keep the balance of a routine.
Developmentally, she is making leaps and bounds. We were positive she was going to roll over tonight. A few times throughout the day I kept the video camera on just waiting, not wanting Darian to miss seeing her big moment, but she didn't deliver. Tonight Darian tried to cheat by pushing her leg over, but I told him that it didn't count. :) She has finally loosened up her hands and instead of keeping them in a fist all the time she holds them open out in front of her face and looks at them or grasp things like her burp cloth or my shirt with them. Today I gave her a link toy to play with and she had a blast just touching it and trying to put it into her mouth. She has also found her thumb. When she is trying to go to sleep or soothe herself in the carseat she sucks her thumb with the rest of her hand over her face. It's so cute!!! She is still smiley as ever, especially in the morning or whenever someone is talking to her. She loves to be talked to!

This weekend we were finally able to interview a daycare provider. We both felt pretty confident that Melana will be safe and well taken care of with this lady. I have to call her tomorrow to tell her we decided to go with her and see when she can start. It's been really stressful trying to find sitters for two days a week and we're glad to finally have someone steady.
On Saturday, Melana and I went to Michigan for a wedding and then afterwards she got to spend some time with G-ma and G-pa Ives. After the first wedding, I drove, like a crazy person, back to FW for another wedding and Darian did some work for his dad. Sunday afternoon we drove back up to MI for the start of the St. Joseph County fair opening. It's a tradition back home and we wouldn't miss it. We were especially excited to take Melana to her first fair and to show her off. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see a lot of old friends, but we saw a few and ate enough to keep our cholesterol up for weeks. Ha! We also met up with our good friends Adrian and Kristie and little, er, I mean, big Gavin there. They had been in MI for a family wedding and, of course, couldn't leave without seeing us and going to the fair. They came home with us last night and stayed here only to get up and leave to drive home to Philly early this morning. :( We love their visits even if they are never long enough.

Melana's first fair!!

Tonight Darian and I are both sick with some sort of head cold/sinus junk so we just vegged. This was Darian and Melana chillin' and watching TV after dinner. She loves her daddy. We are hoping she does not get sick. It's hard to keep from kissing that cutie little face!!!

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