Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back To Work

Well I survived my first week back at work. I worked twelve hours Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Many of my coworkers have been telling me how quiet it's been on the unit for the last month or so and how nice it's been. I told Darian and my friend/co-worker Jill to just wait till I get back. There is a reason I have the nickname, (for the sake of maintaining my "G" rating) "Crap Magnet". Oh yes, it seems if the you-know-what is gonna hit the fan, it's gonna be on my shift. So I was already having anxiety about leaving Melana to go back to work, and to make matters worse she would not nap, which of course meant, neither did I. :( Well, the evening started out just fine and it felt nice to be slowly easing back into my routine. I had a wonderful patient and was enjoying the calmness of the evening. And THEN, at break time no less, we had a patient come in and ended up scrambling to deal with an emergent situation. The three nurses that were on labor ended up being five after we had to call in the reinforcements. While I was glad for the distraction of not having to think of Melana (all tucked away in her bassinet without Mama nearby to check on her), I did resent the fact that my coworkers asked me to take a permanent leave of absence. Just kidding! :) Last night was a much quieter and pleasant night so I guess I'll return next week.... A big thanks to Emilee who watched Melana while I slept both days and even stayed overnight with her last night as Darian was in Indy on business. Talk about a nervous mama. lol

Grandpa update- seems my grandpa did not have a stroke but instead got a Staph infection in the shunt used for his dialysis, which led to encephalitis (infection in the brain). Last I heard he is doing as well as can be expected and was responsive and knew my dad and aunt. Whew. He still has quite a road ahead of him. The dialysis is really taking it's toll on his body, especially his heart, and the doctors aren't sure how much longer his body will take such rigorous treatments. Only time will tell.

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