Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good News, Bad News

Well, it seems we are possibly FINALLY on our way to a healthy household! Knock on wood! Melana's virus from last week ended up getting worse than my previous post and we actually ended up in the ER last Saturday afternoon. She was still not eating, even fighting our forced Pedialyte feedings and had not peed in almost 24 hours. Not cool. I called the Dr. on call and gave her my assessment findings, (oh yes, just like at work :) ) and she agreed that she needed to be seen. I was sure they were going to start an IV to give her fluids and Darian was already queasy about it, but I was in favor of a poke if it meant getting some color back in her cheeks. I had my game plan and everything. I was going to insist a Neonatal nurse start her IV rather than let the ER RNs dink around (yes, a technical term). When we got there though, they decided to give her oral Zofran (an anti-nausea med) and do a fluid challenge. After the Zofran she took a nice long nap ( I think she had been so uncomfortable from the nausea) and then we were able to force some Pedialyte down her enough for the Dr. to be satisfied that we could continue this routine at home. So home we went with our Zofran and kept her on a clear fluid, basically Pedialyte diet for 24 hours. It's taken her a good 3 days to get back to drinking most of her formula and she still isn't eating solids, but the diarrhea and vomiting have stopped and she is smiling again. Wahoo!
In other news, we lost my grandpa Ives yesterday. He had been sick for a while and in and out of the hospital since last spring or so so it didn't come as that much of a shock, but he was loved and will be missed. Goodbye Grandpa.

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