Monday, January 3, 2011

Post Holiday Update

It's been way too long since I've updated this blog and I am at a loss of really where to begin. *Sigh* So here goes. Since my last entry in November, Darian and I celebrated 11 years of being married by taking Melana and our niece, Emilee on a road trip to Philly to visit our best friends Adrian and Kristie. Romantic, I know. I worked on Thanksgiving but we celebrated the Saturday following with my parents, aunt and uncle and my grandpa. Here we are celebrating Melana's first Thanksgiving.
We had alot of fun getting ready for and celebrating Melana's first Christmas as well. In early December we drove to Plain City, OH for Christmas with the Hostetler's, my mother-in-law's family. Melana got passed around from various aunts, uncles and cousins and got a little overstimulated but it was fun. It is always good to catch up with our Ohio relatives and this year we got an extra day of visiting due to bad weather. Thanks for putting us up, Aunt Alma! Our holiday celebrations continued the weekend before Christmas when we spent Saturday with Darian's family at his parent's house where Melana experienced her first taste of gift opening. She was scared of the wrapping paper tearing sound, but fascinated with the tissue paper. She also enjoyed all the goodies she got from Grandma and Grandpa Miller as well Uncle Loren and Aunt Trudy and Aunt Sheryl and Auntie Cousin Emilee. She LOVES "auntie Em".

On Sunday we had dinner at my Aunt Sue's house for Christmas with my dad's family. It was great to see everyone and Melana again was the belle of the ball and got lots of attention from my relatives.
Just before Christmas my brother, Jason and his wife Rachael and their family as well as my sister Michele and her husband Paul flew up from Texas to spend Christmas in the great white north. We enjoyed six days of pure fun and chaos as we all invaded my parent's home. 8 adults, 2 kids, and 2 babies!!!! We took this rare opportunity of us all being together to get a family potrait done. (can't wait to see them!) Here is Melana in her holiday finery with my sister Michele.
We spent Christmas Eve at my Uncle Lee and Aunt Karen's house and my niece Jordyn, 7, made her first snowman. We took turns riding the four wheeler and petting my aunt's horse, Rose. Darian took his turn as a horse himself for my nieces who named him "Rodie".

On Christmas Day we had a wonderful brunch and enjoyed opening gifts together. The girls were such a joy to watch and Melana was spoiled by her aunts, uncles and my parents. Her favorite gifts seem to be a pink ball from my parents and a puppy named "Violet" who sings lullabies from Uncle Jason and Aunt Rachael. One of my faves for her is this awesome alphabet art of Melana's name that was photographed and framed by my sister Michele.

Overall our favorite part of the holidays was enjoying the company of family and hanging out with our Texas family. We spent hours doing crafts with our nieces Jordyn,7 and Jenna, 3 and snuggling and playing with sweet Juliette, 4 months. We shared stories and laughs and eating and talking about "snow bundles", right Rach? ;)
We thought it was especially cute that our niece Jenna seemed especially taken by Melana. She would come up to her face and smile or touch her cheeks and say "Oh, MY-lana, you're so cute!" Pretty soon I found myself called her MY lana. Too cute.
The few days after Christmas was spent at the mall, the movies and just being lazy and visiting.
Here are cousins Juliette and Melana in their cute matching outfits. So cute.
Grandma and Grandpa loved having all the kids and grandkids together and I'm afraid they may still be in shock.
Unfortunately all fun must end, so we are back to our old routine. But we have sweet memories of a wonderful, fun filled Christmas and are so blessed to have spent all that time with our loved ones.

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