Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family and Feminists

We just got home from a busy weekend spent with our family in Plain City, Ohio. My mother-in-law is one of ten children and all but one live in Ohio. She decided to throw us a baby shower/meet Melana party for our family there. Darian, Wilma (my mom in law), Melana and I headed to Plain City on Friday night. We arrived late and stayed with Aunt Alma and Uncle Sherm. Thanks guys! Early Saturday we headed to Aunt Susan and Uncle Jim's house and were treated like royalty to a scrumptious breakfast with Susan, Jim, Alma and cousin Andreas. Then we headed over to a cabin that Wilma had rented for us to stay at and to host the baby shower. The place was way back in the woods and was a beautiful setting for our family get together. Darian's sister Sheryl and our niece Emilee and his brother Loren and his wife Trudy and their kids Taylor and Robbie arrived to share the cabin with us. A few hours later, aunts, uncles, cousins and second cousins started to arrive to meet Melana and share a great night of visiting, food and gift giving.
Darian and I were so excited just to see the family and catch up with everyone so the wonderful gifts they brought for Melana was just icing on the cake. We are so blessed to have such a large and wonderful family. We had a little over 70 people there to celebrate. Two of those people are just shy of two weeks younger than Melana, and were born to Darian's cousin Rod and wife Liz.

Here is a pic of Melana between twins Iain and Brendan. So cute!!!

and here Melana is showing off her self defense moves, apparently. Too funny.

We got home this evening and went right to work putting things away and getting our house in order. I hate to start the week with a messy house! Besides, we are also interviewing a nanny/housekeeper tomorrow so I really want to impress her with my mad cleaning skills. Ha! Just kidding. I am a bit nervous about this interview though as I've never interviewed help before and I want to be sure that Melana is left in the best of care. I'm supposed to be returning to work on Wednesday night and am already having anxiety about it. I don't want to leave her!! No one can care and love her like her mama, I'm sure, and I don't want her to think I'm abandoning her. :( I really resent the feminist movement right now. They didn't do us any favors by demanding a equal place in the work place. What was wrong with staying home? If their fight was truly about women's rights and choice why don't I have a choice right now? Maybe someday. Can't I just be a 1950s stay at home wife living with modern conveniences? Picture Doris Day in a minivan. Sweet!

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