Monday, August 16, 2010

The Parties Continue For The Millers

Another busy weekend is over for the Miller family. We left Friday night and headed to MI to my parent's house where my sister Michele and her new husband Paul had just arrived for a visit on the last leg of their honeymoon. They've been to Jamaica and New York and were ending their trip at home because Michele's best friend Courtney got married on Saturday. Mom and Dad, Darian and I stayed busy Saturday and Sunday morning preparing for the hometown wedding reception that we held at my parent's house on Sunday evening for Michele and Paul.

We set up a large white tent with round tables and white linens with sunflower centerpieces and we used my grandmother's white milk glass serving ware. It was a beautiful setting and a beautiful, although windy, day on the lake. We had lots of food, WAY too many cupcakes (someone misjudged the count and I made three times as many as were needed), lots of visiting with friends and family and of course lots of loving on Melana. She was passed from grandma to grandma to aunts to friends and slept through it all. She looked so cute in her little sundress and bonnet and was the belle of the ball, well except the bride and groom. To me though, she is always the belle of the ball. :)

Melana snuggling with my Aunt Karen who she met for the first time.

Melana with Auntie Michele who wanted to smuggle her home in her suitcase. :)

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