Thursday, August 19, 2010

Melana is Eight Weeks!!

First things first, I want to wish my brother, Jason, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! Love you!

My sweet doll is eight weeks old today. She is developing more and more of a steady schedule and showing bits of her personality. She is definitely a morning girl and is quick to smile when you get her out of her crib, well as long as you have her bottle on hand, that is. :)
She is now smiling, cooing, and waving her little fists around trying to touch her toys and the dogs and my face. She loves to lay on her blankie on the ottoman and play with her favorite toys.

Yesterday Junie was standing over the ottoman trying to get my attention (of course) and Melana reached up and grabbed a chunk of Junie's fur and wouldn't let go. She just kept looking up at June with wide eyes and then started smiling. Her little grip is too weak and small for June to notice, but she was loving it and we thought it was hilarious.
We try to introduce different fabrics and textures to her and different sounds and sights. We are trying to stimulate and encourage the developmental skills that are expected of a baby her age and more. I never thought about this part of parenting when I was growing up. Then I became a nanny of twin boys when I was in college. Their mother was a psychologist and we did a lot of purposeful and developmental play. I learned so much from her. (Thanks Sue!) Since then I've been determined to be that kind of parent. Not pushing my babies/kids beyond their years or never allowing fun, but parenting them with the purpose of helping them to reach their highest potential.

In other news. Well, there really isn't any other news. It's been a pretty boring week here. Darian was out of town on Wednesday and Thursday for a farm show in Illinois. Melana and I hung out with the puppies and did really not much of anything. Tomorrow is pay day though, so look out. LOL. Gas, groceries and diaper shopping are on the oh so exciting list. :) And speaking of diapers, Melana finally fits her cute cloth ones from Fuzzi Bunz . They are a bit bulkier than the disposable but she seems comfortable. We will still use disposable when traveling etc., but are trying to stay a little green and save money by using these cute cloths. And now speaking of traveling, we are excited to be going to visit Darian's mother's family in Plain City, Ohio for the weekend. My oh so sweet Mother in law is throwing a baby shower for us out there and we can't wait to visit with and introduce Melana to the Hostetler family. Love them!!

Here a couple pics of Junie and Melana getting close during floor play time. I'm still picking dog hair off Melana's shirt. LOL

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