Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Update

Summer seems to have flown by! We have been way too busy!! Melana turned 6 weeks old yesterday and we have been home only one, count 'em, one weekend since her birth. The first couple of weeks were spent with family in MI for legal reasons and also for Fourth of July. The next weekend were spent at a family reunion, my cousin Kyle's graduation open house, our godson Gavin's birthday party and adoption party for our friends Bart and Angie's new 8 year old daughter, Jacie, who they've recently brought home from China.
The following week my best friend Kristie and her son Gavin stayed with us that week until Friday night when we returned to my hometown for a bridal shower and my baby shower that Kristie and my mom threw for me. Thanks guys!

Gavin playing with Melana

The next week and weekend we were actually home but busy looking for a new car and cleaning and doing laundry in preparation for our trip to Texas the following week. We also enjoyed a visit from my best friend from high school, Kristy Jo, and her husband Timothy and thier four adorable boys, Clay, Thadeus, Christopher and Ethan. They live in China now but were home for the summer and it was so great to catch up with them.
This last weekend we went to Texas for my sister's wedding which I will post about later. Darian has this weekend off and we are planning to spend it at home doing landscaping, gardening and between naps of course. *YAWN*

***By the way we did purchase a new vehicle. We got a 2005 Red Dodge Grand Caravan. I guess we really are in the dork, er, I mean, parent club now.

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